But you can still rely on us for the purest, best-performing cellulose insulation available. In fact, that's why we made the change.

Our pure and simple product approach made us realize something. We don't need to impress you with words like ultra, revolutionary, or best of breed. We just need to say what we're going to do... and then do it.

So when we say "clean," we mean clean. When we say "purest" and "best-performing," we're staking our reputation on it. And when we say “simple,” that means we intend to deliver exactly what we promise (and with no B.S.).

There are thousands of insulation contractors who are doing their very best to offer the highest quality, most natural insulation available. It's our mission to help them by making their jobs as clean, easy and affordable as possible.

We're CleanFiber™ and our mission is pure and simple.