What is CleanFiber™ insulation?

CleanFiber is a high-quality cellulose insulation for use in attics, walls and floors of residential or commercial new construction, and retrofit applications.

When and where will it be available?

CleanFiber is only available in limited quantities today, but we are ramping up our production in 2019 to make our quality insulation more widely available. Look for it wherever quality insulation is sold.

How much does it cost?

CleanFiber will be priced in line with other popular brands of cellulose insulation on the market today.

Why should installers choose CleanFiber?

We engineered CleanFiber with the installer in mind. It's an extraordinarily pure and clean cellulose insulation that is easy to blow, with low dust, great coverage and no clogging.

Is CleanFiber certified?

CleanFiber will meet or exceed certification requirements as set forth by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in reference to ASTM C739 standards.

What makes CleanFiber so pure, clean and consistent?

Our patented manufacturing process starts with high-quality cellulose fiber blended from pulped recycled cardboard with fiber from other clean paper feedstocks, and applies a “wet” process to impregnate fire retardants uniformly across the fibers and directly into the fiber walls.

Who is CleanFiber?

CleanFiber (formerly known as Ultracell Insulation) is a young, engineering-driven company backed by investors in the CleanTech sector.

How can I get a free sample so I can evaluate CleanFiber?

Click here to request a free sample.

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